An Open Letter to the Prime Minister’s Office

To the Honourable Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen J. Harper:

In the first week of September, the major networks in Canada began announcing what had apparently been reported from Washington, that, back in January, 27 civilians may have been killed (note the term, “may have been”- they do not know for sure) as a result of Canadian bombing in the Middle East. What is implied by all this is that we need to stop the bombing, and that, if we really want to minimize the present crisis, we should step up our efforts in bringing Syrian refugees to Canada.

Typically, the left-wing media are wrong. Such a solution is band-aid at best, and it is only a matter of time before the cancer that ISIS has become will spread uncontrollably and do even more devastating damage. In the 1930’s, the prevailing mood in Europe was, “We don’t like this man Hitler, but let’s not get in his way or make him angry. We have just come through one world war – we don’t want another. Maybe, if we go about our own business and leave well enough alone, things will sort themselves out in time; maybe Hitler and his gang will calm down, burn out like a fire-brand, or even get tired of his own rhetoric.”

Providentially, Churchill knew better than that. He understood that the Third Reich needed to be forcefully stopped, the sooner the better, and that a failure to achieve that end would bring about the demise of biblical principles and western civilization. The most critical point of the war came in May of 1940. Many of the capitals of Europe had fallen by that time, England was about to be crushed as well, but King George VI called the churches to a day of prayer, and within a very short time the tide had turned. These, I believe, are the leaders whose example we need to follow today.

Prime Minister, if we really want to help Syrians, Iraqis, and preserve the civilized world, ISIS needs to be forcefully stopped – and, once again, the sooner the better. For too long, Obama and other leaders have been unwilling to say the words, “radical Islamic terrorists”. How can we hope to end that violent and bloody regime as long as we keep pretending to ourselves that it is not so bad, or assume that treating symptoms (e.g. reaching out to their fleeing refugees) is actually doing something to mitigate the problem? Until ISIS is effectively stopped, the number of refugees will grow exponentially and the problem will spread from one country to the next.

If you are prepared to take action, I am prepared as a lone Canadian to pledge my support. I will begin by writing all the churches of my denomination, the Free Reformed Churches, and call for a day of prayer. I will further commit myself to continue praying until the present crisis is over.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Tom Aicken, pastor emeritus, in Langley, British Columbia – sent 07/09/15